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CSL &Monarch &News Corey on 13 Nov 2008

CSL (Central Specialties Ltd.) at IHMRS 2008

CSL at IHMRS 2008 in NYC We spoke with Rus Budde, Director of Marketing & Sales at CSL for some time about the current and new products at CSL.  We’ve been selling their Easy-Mover and Economy Bellman Carts, and also the CSL Utility Carts for some time now.  CSL offers great products for the price.  All of their products ship quickly.  In talking to Rus, you can tell that CSL goes to great lengths in making sure that the customer will be very satisfied with the product they receive from CSL.  We at Hippo Inc, as the dealer, love the commitment to quality and service that CSL has.

What’s new at CSL?

Beginning in early January 2009, CSL will be offering three new carts.  These will be imported from China, whereas the Easy-Mover and Economy Bellman Carts are made in the USA and will continue to be.  As you can see from the pictures, they will be available in a couple different finishes, Titanium Gold Plated and Satin Stainless Steel.  Initially, they’ll only be available in what you see in the pictures.  The Satin Stainless Steel model will be available with gray carpet, black bumper, and black pneumatic tires.  That cart will eventually be available in a Titanium Gold Plated finish.  The other cart shown in the  pictures is a Titanium Gold Plated cart with red carpet, black bumper, and black pneumatic tires.  It will also eventually be available in a Satin Stainless Steel finish.  The third cart is not shown.  It’s a Titanium Gold Plated Hand Truck with red carpet.

Bellman Carts at CSL All of these carts looks very similar to carts that we’re already offering from Monarch.  See the MCL-204T and MCL-207S.  If the build and quality is better with the CSL Carts than the Monarch Carts, which we expect to be the case, they might replace the Monarch Carts on Bellman Cart Solutions.  We have had great success with CSL for the two years that we’ve been doing business with them and look forward to selling more and more of their products in the years to come.  Thanks to Rus Budde of CSL for spending so much time with us at the 2008 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (IHMRS).

Forbes Industries &Harloff by Forbes &News Corey on 13 Nov 2008

Forbes Industries & Harloff by Forbes at IHMRS 2008

Forbes Industries at IHMRS

Forbes Bellman Carts

We talked with Michael Hewitt V.P. of Sales about what was new with Forbes Industries.  They are now offering diamond textured uprights on some of their Bellman Carts in a polished or satin stainless steel finish.  See #2499DT & #2543DT.

Also new is a rubberized deck.  It’s a great idea!  It lasts longer than carpet, it’s easier to clean, and will hold luggage on the carts better than carpet.  It has a bit of grip to it also.  This new deck can be ordered on any Forbes Bellman Cart that comes standard with a skirt around the deck.  We’ll be adding the rubberized deck option to our website soon.

Forbes Housekeeping Carts

We spent most of the time talking with Michael about Forbes Housekeeping Carts.  Since we are currently building Housekeeping Cart Solutions, we wanted to learn all we could about them.  Forbes offers steel and plastic Housekeeping Carts that are available with MANY different options.  A cool thing that Forbes is offering is motorized Housekeeping Carts.  As heavy as those carts can be when filled, I’m sure the motorized carts make it much easier on housekeepers.  With prices starting at about $400 and going up to $3,000+, you’ll definitely be able to find the housekeeping cart that meets your needs and price range.

We at Hippo Inc are proud to have worked with Forbes Industries for the past 2 1/2 years.  We look forward to working with Forbes down the road as we keep on offering their Bellman Carts and continue building Housekeeping Cart Solutions.  Thank you Michael for taking out time for us at IHMRS.

Architectural Brass &CSL &Forbes Industries &Harloff by Forbes &News Corey on 12 Nov 2008

We’re back from IHMRS Hotel/Motel 2008 in NYC


Well, we’re back from the 2008 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in NYC.  We really enjoyed the show.  It was our first trip to the IHMRS Show.  We were there most of the day Sunday, the first day the exhibits were open.  Over half the floor was dedicated to furnishings and equipment.  That’s where we spent most of our time.  We didn’t spend much time on the food and beverage side of the floor.

We were able to spend some time with the manufacturers that we’re already working with:

Also, we spent a good bit of time talking and getting to know about a couple new vendors we will be bringing on board soon:

Stay tuned for highlights from the different manufacturers and vendors…

Architectural Brass &CSL &Forbes Industries &Harloff by Forbes &Hippo Inc. &News Corey on 07 Nov 2008

International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (IHMRS)

IHMRS We’ll be at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show this Sunday, November 9, 2008. According to their website, it’s “the world’s largest showcase and exchange of industry products, trends, and developments, attracts every segment and facet of the industry. The trade show…unveils more than 1,250 exhibitors’ products and services and draws more than 35,000 attendees each year.”

While there, we’re going to visit the vendors that we are already working with:

Unfortunately, a few of the manufacturers that we work with won’t be there.  I don’t think Ex-Cell, Glaro Inc., Monarch, Crown, or Lavi will be present.

But we’ll also be checking out several other booths, possibly bringing a couple new vendors on board with us at Hippo Inc. We’ll have our digital cameras and video cameras with us, so stay tuned for updates with pictures and videos from us at Hippo Inc , home of Bellman Cart Solutions , Housekeeping Cart Solutions , and Hippo Pro Plus .