New Waste Receptacle Site offers Trash Cans and more!

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On this site, we typically talk about and teach all the information you would ever need to purchase a bellman cart.  However, today at Hippo Inc, we’re thrilled to let you know about our newest site,

Waste Receptacle Solutions doesn’t just share a similar name to our existing site named Bellman Cart Solutions.  It offers a lot of the same features, such as viewing all products by manufacturer.  In fact, it offers Glaro waste receptacles and Ex-Cell waste receptacles.  These are the same manufacturers that build the reliable and trustworthy bellman carts we offer ever day.  In fact, many of them match perfectly.

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How Tall Are Bellman Carts?

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At Bellman Cart Solutions, we offer a range of carts with a variety of heights. How tall are bellman carts and why?

The height of bellman carts offered on our website can be as short as 62.5″ or as tall as 82″. Some have asked why the majority of bellman carts are on the shorter side. Well, the opening of most elevators is around 80″ tall, and so manufacturers make shorter carts to fit into most elevators.

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FREE GUIDE: How to Choose a Bellman Cart – PDF

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Free Guide: How to Choose a Bellman Cart
Choosing a bellman cart from the hundreds of options that are available at Bellman Cart Solutions can take time.  To make it easier, we’ve designed a guide entitled “How to Choose a Bellman Cart”.  It’s available as a free PDF on our website.

This free guide with help you choose a bellman cart that best suits your needs.  Also, you will learn:

  • What four important questions should you ask?
  • What materials and finishes are best for your location?
  • What other information do you need to know?
  • Which manufacturers can you trust?
  • and much more…

Find this free guide along with many question and answer videos only at Bellman Cart Solutions, your one-stop resource for Bellman Carts online.

New Bellman Cart Vendor: Magline Inc. (Magliner)

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At Bellman Cart Solutions, we are happy to have a new manufacturer on-board: Magline Inc.  They are well known in the industry for their aluminum hand trucks, which can be found in just about any business environment.  They also make a bellman cart, the Magliner Aristocart Luggage Truck. It features a lightweight aluminum base and uprights. At 38″ long x 18″ wide, it’s one of the smallest carts that we carry, which is great for small elevators or storage areas. See below for more details about the Magliner PTVK5243 Aristocart Bellman Cart.


Magliner Aristocart PTVK5243

Magliner Aristocart Features:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Compact Bellman Cart – 38″L x 18″W x 72″H
  • 5″ Solid Wheels Standard
  • 500 lb. Carrying Capacity
  • Ships Quickly
  • Very Affordable

For more information on the Magliner Aristocart Luggage Truck, please visit Bellman Cart Solutions. To find similar bellman carts in the same price range, please check out our economy bellman carts.

What are the Acceptable Payment Options at Bellman Cart Solutions?

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Bellman Cart Solutions tries to make the checkout process as easy as possible by accepting many different payment options. But what are they and what’s the process?..

Will You Need to Assemble Your Bellman Cart?

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How much assembly, if any, is necessary when i receive my bellman cart?
Here’s some answers to that question and others..

Will the Cheapest Bellman Cart be the Best Solution for Me?

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Will buying the least expensive bellman cart be the best solution? Perhaps. Here are important points to keep in mind…

How Can You Get the Best Price for a Bellman Cart?

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We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible here at Bellman Cart Solutions. How so?..

What Finish Options are There for my Bellman Cart?

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Our carts come in several different types of metals. Along with that many of these have options for the type of finish also. The exact material and finish options will be listed on the product page for each bellman cart. But let’s go over some of the basic choices now…

What is Bellman Cart Solutions’ Return Policy?

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At Bellman Cart Solutions, we want you to be happy with your purchase.
We will work with the manufacturer to get any issue resolved.Yet, most of the carts we offer are custom created according to the options you specified; so, if you simply are not satisfied with your cart, the manufacturer may not accept a return. This Video Explains.

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